Five Tips for Surviving Spring Allergy Season

Five Tips for Surviving Spring Allergy Season

With spring comes sunshine, warmer weather and unfortunately for 45 million Americans

[i] – including myself – seasonal allergies. This year we’re in for a doozy, with predictions that 2015 will be one of the worst allergy seasons in years[ii].  So, watch out allergy sufferers – the Pollen Tsunami is upon us!

The constant sniffing, sneezing, itching and eye rubbing can have us longing to travel back in time to the Polar Vortex. Well, maybe not – but it definitely has us reaching for the tissue box more regularly! That’s why I teamed up with Filtrete™ Brand and am sharing some proactive steps to living a healthier lifestyle during allergy season:

  1. Pretreat your allergy symptoms before they begin. If possible, begin taking medication two weeks before the season starts for the best defense but as we’re now in the thick of spring, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor to determine which medications will be most effective for your symptoms.
  2. Take control of your environment. To prevent the entry of pollen and other allergens into the home, keep windows and doors closed. Invest in a heavy-duty doormat and remove your shoes when you enter the home. As the temperature rises, use air conditioning and make sure to change the filters in window units often.
  3. Pollen and other allergens don’t just exist outside in nature, so take care to create a cleaner, healthier home. Make every breath count and change the Filtrete™ Healthy Living Filter in your HVAC system more often during this time of year; it pulls in and traps allergens while letting cleaner air flow through.
  4. It’s a yucky thought but by the end of the day, your clothes, skin and hair can be covered in pollen and other allergens. To avoid tracking these into your bed, shower at night rather than in the morning (I find this a great way to relax as well!). It’s also a good idea to check the pollen count each day and take extra care when it’s high. Mornings tend to be when pollen counts spike, so don’t feel guilty about hitting that snooze button a few more times.
  5. Dust mites and other allergens can sometimes be so tiny that they slip through the pores of regular bedding materials. Use covers for your pillows and mattress that are specifically designed to keep allergens at bay. These are made with tightly-woven materials that do not allow dust mites to penetrate through. Because sleep is so important, you don’t want allergy symptoms disrupting your ZZZs.

Stay strong! Once the dog days of summer come along, allergy sufferers will start to find relief.

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