Questions About your Body That You Were Too Afraid To Ask- Glamour

Do you dread talking to real live doctor about those slightly embarrassing bodily behaviors? No need to say you’re “asking for a friend” any longer. Dr. Raj is here to answer all your extra-personal questions about your body. Watch this video on The Scene.

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Teacher Who Dropped 180 Pounds on ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ Dies Age 52 – Inside Edition

Now people are wondering if Durham’s weight loss might have contributed to his death. IE spoke to Dr. Roshini Raj. She said: “Diabetic shock means that blood sugars are really elevated and really out of control causing the organs to fail and this can happen to people with Type 1 diabetes. Losing 180 pounds in one year is extremely rapid weight loss and while you do want people who are very over weight to lose weight it can be unhealthy if it's happening too quickly.”

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Living with Multiple Sclerosis – CBSN

Jamie-Lynn Sigler revealed to People Magazine that she has been battling multiple sclerosis, or MS, for over 15 years. Dr. Roshini Raj, associate professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, joins CBSN to discuss the symptoms and treatment options for the disease which affects more than two million people worldwide. View More: Live News|More News Videos

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